Painted Through Glass

A world painted through the unique experience of Google Glass

Monkey’s on my porch! A special delivery from Bandar Foods for my daughter & I!!!

In our home I try and introduce my kids to many different ethnic foods and their cultures. One of our favorites is Indian flavor profiles. So when we discovered Bandar foods … Continue reading

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Serpent’s Pride a painting #throughglass

If you love the music check out the amazing Tom Dickins @ and get his album!!!

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“A gift from Another world” A painting #throughglass

This painting is a little bit special to me. This is my first painting I did after finding out I was with child. I plan on doing a series over … Continue reading

April 17, 2014 · 1 Comment

“Sardonic Bliss” A painting #throughglass


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My painting for the Google Glass team #throughglass

My original entry for #IFIHADGLASS was “#ifihadglass I would make an art installment of images&video through my eyes as I explore the world. A survivor,an artist, a lover of life.” … Continue reading

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Learning to make cheese with Google Local & #cityexperts #throughglass

The Cheese School of San Francisco ( to learn the art and science of cheese making. Lead by professional cheesemonger, Louella the San Francisco Milk Maid,  in this beginner cheese making class … Continue reading

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“Start All over” A painting #throughglass

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Arise awake a painting #throughglass

If you wish to purchase the painting you may do so here

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A #throughglass adventure with my daughter getting her ears pierced & visiting pier 39

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If I were an cartoon a sketch #throughglass by Virginia Poltrack

This is what I’d look like if I were an anime character. Fellow artist and glass explorer Virginia Poltrack is an amazing artist. She’s kindly been sketching other glass users. … Continue reading

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