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Screening “Jobs” & meeting Ashton Kutcher #throughglass

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I am very active on Google+ (G+), and am an active member of several of the top groups for both Glass users and enthusiasts. I’m sure you can imagine my delight when I saw a post asking for tech-savvy Glass users to attend a special screening of the new Steve Jobs movie.I had my own chance to meet Steve Jobs when I was in my 20’s and pregnant with my first child.  I was working at a sushi restaurant called Toshi’s in Palo Alto.  I was coming out of the kitchen as Steve was returning from the restroom, and he accidentally bumped into me.  I put my hands on my stomach and said he should be careful, as I was with child.  Steve smiled, rubbed my stomach, and said, “hello, little one.  One day, perhaps you will come work for me.”  It was very sweet.  My son actually has ended up as a bit of a savent and a computer whiz, so maybe one day Steve’s prophecy will come true.
I arrived at the premiere a bit early…got to talk with a few people, and met with the SF chapter of Glass users. We all sat together in the same row, and it was amazing. I know it seems strange to have had a Google product at an Apple-centered screening…but it’s all about technology and connecting people, and that’s exactly what happened.  I believe Steve himself would have approved.
The movie itself was good, save a few nit-picking on my part during two scenes.  Ashton Kutcher did a wonderful job of stepping into the title character.AI won’t give any spoilers, but I would have liked to have seen a more personal (softer) side of Steve portrayed, as well as look into the later part of his life.
After the movie, we were treated to a very interesting Q&A session. It was nice to hear Ashton talk about the methods he used to get into character…such as creating a music playlist of things Steve liked, and studying some of the artists Steve followed. As an artist myself, it really impressed me that Ashton went to such deep lengths to realize that technology and art have such a deep-seated relationship.  I never got to ask my direct question of Ashton, but I was able to connect with him briefly after the session had ended. I asked him to try and “tweet” me (as I knew he had seen my tweet during the interview) as he was literally being pulled out the door by his handler…but he said he would try. He did not only that, but started following my Twitter feed and asked me to send him a direct message.  It was both thrilling and pleasantly surprising!
I feel quite fortunate to have been able to participate in this event, and am truly looking forward to new opportunities and experiences through Google Glass!

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