Painted Through Glass

A world painted through the unique experience of Google Glass

The art of tears #throughglass aka how googleglass makes me a better artist

I paint for many different reasons. I paint to expel emotions, I also paint to evoke emotions. Sometimes I paint to tell a story to an imaganry person inside of my head, for example you the viewer. However tonight I didn’t realize it but I painted to make myself a better person.

As you might have gathered from this blog I am a painter, I try to write my story down with canvas. I also in my free time enjoy making my own songs. In the past before I painted I would would take instrumental type tracks and add vocals to tell my story.

Tonight I was able to merge both in a perfect maner. watching the video & listening to the sonic story (aka the soundtrack) I found tears falling down my cheeks). Not tears of sadness but tears of realization. I realized the full extent of the story. The sonic & the visual story. There’s always a deeper story to be told. There’s always an invited intrusion with art. As an artist we invite you to take a deeper look into our souls.

The video below is a marriage of the visual and sonic story. I hope you will enjoy it. I hope it will move you the way that it did me.

This will be up on Etsy shortly for purchase!



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