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A early morning trip to Aaron brothers art store with my Honey

As an artist I am a little bit quirky., but then again most artist tend to be.  A # of my favorites were, Pollock, Picasso, Dali, all had their own quirks.
Luckily for me my BF understands that I’m not like “Normal” Girl friends. So when he asked me what I wanted to do this weekend for our anniversary, I am sure to him that it was no surprise that I wanted to go to Aaron brothers.  I had gotten an email that they were doing their once a year giveaway.The giveaway was for the first 20 people in the store.
Naturally I took “GLASS” with me  and it entertained everyone in line while we were waiting to get in! I was so excited to pick out paint that I forgot to actually use glass this time. I’m getting so used to having glass on that sometimes I actually forget that I”m wearing it. I guess this is a good thing I’m not sure yet.


  • Here’s what I got:
  • 2 disposable messenger style tote bags
  • 2 pairs of sunglasses from “Sharpie” to design yourself.
  • Paper sample from Rendr (I got 4 in total)
  • 2 spiral bound Paper samplers from Canson
  • 2 pack of post it notes
  • 2x sample from Liquitex paints in a green & maroon color
  • 2x sample set from GOLDEN paints one had crackle paste & the other “Light molding paste” bout had a magenta tube of paint
  • Also a  $5.00 gift card which I used on cavnas and art supplies.



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