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Extensive thoughts & Impressions about “BCT” on GOOGLE GLASS

Here are some very extensive thoughts on BCT sound & placement.
Placement is key to getting the proper sound you must find the sweet spot. The sweet spot can be found by placing two fingers behind your ear and the spot where your index finger lands is basically where you want the BCT “pad” to sit.The BCT “pad” needs to be firmly against your head and in constant contact with your skull so that the vibrations translate to sound properly. The current design in +Google Glass has two major flaws that you must take into account to help you get the proper “sound”

The way that glass sits it is not snug against the head. The BCT just sits or in most cases barley touches the skull. Perhaps if the vibration were stronger then the sound would come across better. To get really good sound I must press the earpiece against my head to increase the volume. The second design flaw is that the “arm” only comes in one length. Therefore to get the BCT into the “sweet” spot I have to shift the unit towrs the left side of my face, thus having to do much bending og the “halo” and nose bridges to accommodate the “battery/BCT pad” the pad sits almost on my ear and this takes some getting used to.

I find that Sharps, tenor, and soprano notes are the most crisp. Such as on a piano or harp if I am listening to music. It’s flats and deeper notes that are muddy. When we talk we tend to have a more monotone and this does not translate well across BCT. I think this is due to the “pattern” of the vibration in the “BCT” With the music sounding so good, it’s a shame that there isn’t a native “music” player. For phone calls at this time I skip using glass. They sound is just too weak and muddy sounding. If the sound improves I would definitely use glass for calls.



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