Painted Through Glass

A world painted through the unique experience of Google Glass

A sneak peek of what is to come.

Yes I took a bit of a break from painting…between personal obligations and then having issues with my glass, can you blame a girl?

I have come to slowly understand that I need to be in a certain mind frame (or mood Dependant on the collection I am working on); when I paint #throughglass. Even when I am not painting I am digesting this adventure. You see my friend that recording while I paint & then watching it played back before my own eyes; from a different perspective is disorienting yet thrilling.

Google glass is helping me to be a better artist. Through this once in a life time chance… That it is teaching me about my own process and how to see the bigger picture in my artistic aspects of my life. I am learning that I must take the time not only in my painting but my life to digest the image before I chose to continue painting or just gesso over the whole thing.

I just finished 2 paintings through glass this evening. I finally have a pair of glass with a decent camera..and yet it has a violet screen. At least this one is only temp until my final replacement comes. Don’t ask that’s a whole other post that I will post about later.

Anyway until I get the video off of glass here are some pictures #throughglass of one of the pieces I did last night. This is a bit of a different style that I have been painting this past year. However I like it. I am thinking about calling it “karrie my heart in your beak”

Feel free to leaves comments on what you see and also what this makes you feel. I love to heat how NY work is viewed by others.





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