Painted Through Glass

A world painted through the unique experience of Google Glass

How a gift for Google Local painted #throughglass became Google Glass Art

I’ve always been interested in cutting edge tech. So naturally when I became a Glass Explorer, I began using G+ more and more. It is there that I discovered that Google Places had decided to reinvent themselves and had since rolled out Google Local chapters. It’s like Yelp but without all of the questionable practices that they’re often known for. As an artist & food photographer I’m constantly looking for new places to inspire me visually & tease my palate… Enter Google Local San Francisco. Since I already love to go places and write reviews, joining up was a no brainer. Shannon, Christina, and Corrie head up the Team at Google and are responsible for all the great events that have been hosted. Just recently I was able to attend the November #cityexperts VIP event. It was during this event that I decided to gift the team one of my paintings. It’s not very often that I hand out my paintings (it’s sometimes tough to let them go to new clients/owners), but one that I had worked on was screaming to me that it was a Google painting. Another one that I had painted the same evening told me that it should belong to another lovely employee who really inspires me.

This is the first half of documentation #throughglass of a painting I did that now hangs in the SF Google Local offices. Sadly while I was recording I had a problem with my Google Glass and was not able to recover the second half of the painting process, so I wasn’t able to document the entire process.

Google F Train_AB-6433

Google F Train_AB-6434


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