Painted Through Glass

A world painted through the unique experience of Google Glass

A tribute to Jack Stribling, A life changing moment through Google Glass.

Google Glass has been an intresting ride to say the least, but tonight I had a life  changing moment with glass.

Recently my very close friend lost her father just a short  3 weeks after he was diagnosed with Esophageal cancer. After he passed we spoke on the phone and talked about her dad and how he had touched many lives with his light and through the different volunteer projects hed contributed to over the years. It was during this conversation that she asked me to paint a painting through glass for her family as her father  had always admired my art.

A few short days later I sat down and began painting, I would end up painting 2 amazing pieces of art that night. It was after I finished my first painting that  I was going to give it to the glass team in SF, that things started to fall into place. I found that the more I stared at the painting it began to speak to me on an emotional level through the colors and said “No, I don’t want to go to Google”

SO naturally I started another painting and that one instantly told me that it was meant for the glass team. I finished up cleaned my brushes but the first painting was still calling out to me trying to tell me something. I decided to mentally digest it for a while so I went and got my Google Glass and played back the videoI had recorded while I was painting it; and instantly I knew that I had painted it for her and her family. I began editing the video and  I knew that the soundtrack was to be “Comfortably Numb” covered by Aaron Lewis of Stained.  Jack had a awesome sence of humor and I know he’s appriciate the iorny of this choice.

So yes… Google Glass enabled me to capture the creation of my art. Usually when we as artists paint… it’s that moment, that creation that is lost hidden under layers of paint. With Google Glass I am able to play back those videos. I am able to study the way I move my brush. The way the paint blends together, I am able to see my emotions as they fly onto the canvas through paint. I am able to see the images and shapes, the story that is hidden under each layer. It is in theis piece for Jack that I really see that, and because of Google glass I was able to see that and share it with his family. I see each family member as a color, I see and feel the stories I have heard about him, the lives he’s touched, all within the painting. God speed Jack, you will be missed by all.


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