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Monkey’s on my porch! A special delivery from Bandar Foods for my daughter & I!!!

In our home I try and introduce my kids to many different ethnic foods and their cultures. One of our favorites is Indian flavor profiles. So when we discovered Bandar foods and their tamarind & cilantro mint chutney in the grocery store quite some time ago we were hooked from first taste!  Every time my daughter comes to visit I try and keep the tamarind stocked in my pantry as she will use it on everything. However over the last few months it’s become increasingly harder to find. She even at one point asked me to get her a case of them for XMAS. I laughed and said “Yea, right that’s funny.” Then the more I though about it… I thought it would be a fun and finny gift for XMAS. So I went to get hre 4 bottles for her stocking. To my surprise I couldn’t fine it anywhere. I called friends in other states to ask them to check their store, and they couldn’t find it either. I decided to reach out to Bandar and ask if it was possible to direct order a case of the Tamarind.

They contacted me back & their social media person  was very cordial and nice.  They informed me that sadly the tamarind is discontinued for the moment, but they suggested their new Chili mango sauce. Sadly we are allergic to mango so I told them I would kindly pass but to put me on their list for other new items or if the tamarind were rereleased at a later date. The social media person was so kind. They asked if they could send my daughter and I something for evaluation in exchange for a social media post and I said sure why not. Today we got a very nice large package from Bandar on our porch. I sent her a picture and told her she’s got a package… she’s excited. When she comes to visit me for xmas we are going to open it and see what’s inside!  (To be continued)….

We opened our box on the 23rd. As she was opening it she said “Mom did you get me a whole box of tamrind?” I laughed and said “No, they aren’t making it for a while” To our suprise the box was full of special treats.
img_20161222_191156 img_20161222_191217 img_20161222_191305


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