Painted Through Glass

A world painted through the unique experience of Google Glass

The project

The scope of the project is evolving and this will be updated as the project shanges and evolves:

Right now I am focusing on using Google Glass to record the painting process. The way that I paint can be described as emotive  abstract images or story lines, layer by layer I paint these images or emotions  into my paintings.  Which each layer of paint these story lines  are covered over  or blended with a new one until all layers converge to create a final image and shows the view the greater picture. With glass I can see this process that normally would be lost to others than my self who sees it as I paint.

With glass I can study my own brush movements. I can see the blends of colors and emotions on my canvas.  I can see the story played back before my eyes, and those of the viwer. If you look at any painting  from any artist there is always a  wash of emotions foldeded with it. That is why some of the greats are the Rothko or Pollock…they took that raw emotion through paint and dared to show it to others… and this is what I hope to do as well. Stop listen and see the emotions as they fly onto my canvas becoming traped forever in paint.

Other Ways You Can Help:Purchase my t artwork directly from my ETSY Shop. All purchases s will go directly toward offsetting the cost of  materials I will use to produce the art installment
You can also help by buying art supplies from my Amazon wish list. All items will be used in the art installment. Help support a starving artist make a statement!
Wish list for supplies:

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